Thursday, February 16, 2012

7 Habits of Highly Organized People

Write Everything Down

FREE your mind. Rather than trying to rely on your memory to recall when that appointment is/was, WRITE it down.

Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

Clutter is magnetic. As soon as you place one random item on a counter-top it will only attract more. Establish counter-tops as 'no dumping' grounds unless a particular item is used in that space every day (Like a toaster on the kitchen counter).

Find 'A Place for Everything'

Eliminate the idea of a "junk drawer" where random items are tossed. Instead, create a defined space (with small containers or dividers) for all the little 'extras'. Assign specific 'homes' for every single item. 'Homeless' items will instantly turn into clutter. It's also helpful to have designated spaces for your things so you can actually find them when you need them rather than wasting time searching or money buying duplicates. Find a specific place for loose change, keys, remote controls, office supplies, or even sunscreen.

Never Leave a Room Empty Handed

Let's face facts: there will always be something that needs to be returned somewhere else. When heading to a new room in the house, glance around to see if there is something out of place {a coffee cup, piece of mail, toy, or rogue sock} you could gather up with you to relocate on your way.

File, Don't Pile

Set up a command central or mail sorting system somewhere in your home. This space will serve to corral all the bills, mail, and other paper related information that comes in daily. Set aside a specific time each week to respond to and file documents where necessary.

Purge & De-clutter Often

How many ________ does a person really need?

Strive to keep what you consider to be truly beautiful and/or useful in your home. If you have limited storage it's especially important to not consistently accumulate more than will need to be stowed. Implement the 'One In, One Out Rule'. When you purchase something new for yourself or your home, or when a family member is given gifts on special occasions.

Make a Plan

Sometimes you just need to tell yourself what to do in order to stay on track. Systems and routines save the day! Keeping a variety of running lists will serve as an external reminder of what needs to be done and when. You'll be granted a peace of mind knowing there is a plan to conquer all that needs to be done and feel the satisfaction of success when you're able to check off items they are completed as well! Everyone in your family will appreciate having a menu plan in place. A cleaning checklist will help keep the appearance of your home serene and welcoming. A family calendar will help show an 'at a glance' view of who needs to be where and when.

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